Banfi Vintners is an On Purpose brand because what matters to its multicultural consumer’s matters to them.


EGAMI was tasked with creating an ownable, signature platform that would connect millennial multicultural women with the Rosa Regale brand in relevant and unique ways to ultimately drive sales among urban consumers.


Millennial multicultural women believe there is value in strengthening sisterhood and building a sense of community, especially for the young contemporary professional always on the move. Knowing this information to be true, EGAMI leveraged the popularity of two primetime television programs with appeal to the urban consumer, ABC’s Scandal and FOX’s Empire, and created highly interactive experiences. An event series was formed for Rosa Regale between both shows, aptly named ‘Scandalicious’ Watch Parties and ‘Empire Takeover’ Events. EGAMI invited guests in six urban markets to sample Rosa Regale cocktails while viewing their favorite TV show with friends and meeting new like-minded people. In addition to leading social conversations at events, EGAMI further drove Rosa Regale brand awareness by partnering with major urban bloggers and social powerhouses like Demetria Lucas D’Oyley and Awesomely Luvvie.


EGAMI secured more than 1,300 attendees at events in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Chicago and New Orleans, and earned new accounts for Rosa Regale at each of the six venues. Through proactive media relations and social engagement in each market, EGAMI secured more than 84 million social media impressions and nearly 11 million media impressions.

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