Gain, a Procter & Gamble fabric care brand, is On Purpose because it understands its African American consumer’s cultural needs in how they want their laundry detergent to perform.


Launch a new detergent format to the ‘Gainiacs’ who love liquid and attract new multicultural users with a more convenient and faster way of doing laundry.


EGAMI partnered with Gain to launch its new flings! detergent capsules by connecting the community’s love of music and how both songs and scent trigger positive memories that bring us back to joyful times. Through a music and scent inspired event called “Music to Your Nose,” we engaged Gain loyalists Toni Braxton and the Braxton sisters – along with YouTube stars Tyler Ward and Andrew Garcia – for an exciting brand performance that would help drive product awareness and fuel consumer engagement. This moment, including targeted outreach to press and influencers, was created to harness people’s love for Gain and build brand loyalists with a deep affinity for the new flings! formula.


The program led by EGAMI secured 1.3 million media impressions for the Gain flings! product. Beyond the moment with the Braxton family, 3 bloggers became deeply engaged with the brand at the P&G Fabric Care University. Also, the social buzz of the new product content reached 25,000 views across multiple channels with 30 bloggers opting into receiving a special Gain flings! mailer.